So your new service provider is CDMA

As stated in our website, your unlocked phone will only work with a GSM SIM card. Unfortunately, CDMA networks will not work with your unlocked phone. This is not due to our capability but on the fact that CDMA networks are not compatible to unlocked phones. Their technology is different and will not work, regardless of how you obtain your unlock code.

Now what?

Unfortunately we do not provide a refund in such cases since we state several times that you need a GSM SIM card and CDMA networks will not work. For more on this, please visit our Terms and Agreement section.

Is this a lost cause?

Not at all! Now that your phone is unlocked, you can sell it for more. Or you can always choose a different network that is compatible with your phone.

Sprint and Verizon iPhones

Although this is rare, please note that some iPhones from these carriers cannot be used with GSM carriers inside the USA.  Some will only work with its original carrier and outside the United States.