In any case you receive wrong code message, make sure you typed the code VERY carefully and also verify IMEI from *#06#

If you are getting Code Error and your phone is from the Provider stated on the purchase page, make sure your phone is not asking for a SIM PIN password. Those are different than a SIM network unlock code. 

If your provider is CMDA network, it will not work. We unfortunately don’t refund, since we did state that new carriers have to be GSM.

Code Error appears after unlock code is dialed in

Please verify and send the following information to

1- Exact network provider and country your phone is locked to

2- Exact model of your phone

3- IMEI of the phone. Power phone on dial *#06#

4- Exact prompt/message you dial the unlock code at

5- Unlock code you used in your attempt to complete the unlock

We will use this information to better assist you resolve the problem.