Everything you need to know about Samsung Galaxy S7

The wait for the next big Galaxy sensation is almost over. It won’t be long until the all new Samsung Galaxy S7 will be available for preorders. Samsung is in the final phases of development of their next megaproject, with 21st February announced as the official release date by Samsung’s YouTube channel. So all you Samsung fans out there, get your budgets set for the next big addition to your gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy S7 render

Samsung Galaxy S7 variants

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will be launched as three different devices with slight differences in their specs. These three variants are designed to function optimally for different sets of users.


The design is going to be pretty similar to the Galaxy S6, with the addition of a few improvements. Some sources have leaked the expected photos for the design, which suggest that Samsung will be changing their build quality to add more durability to the body. There is a speculation that Samsung will be using Tortoise Glass instead of Corning Gorilla Glass for their next Galaxy phone. Though it is reported that Galaxy S7 Edge will have more curves to enhance its design, the shape is going to be essentially the same. The only majorly notable difference as seen in the leaked photos, however, is that Galaxy S7 will be a lot slimmer than the previous models.


It is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a 5.1 inch Super AMOLED 4K Ultra HD display with Force TouchWIZ UI while Galaxy S7 edge will have a 5.5-inch display with similar display hardware. The multitouch features are going to be the same. With the use of the Tortoise Glass, the look of the display is going to be different.

Retina Scanner

Not much has been said and told about the retina scanner technology in the new Galaxy S7. However, some reports suggest that there is a huge possibility about Samsung launching this feature in their new Galaxy series mobile phone. This feature will add a lot to the interest of the buyers, but we have been unfortunate to hear not much about it from Samsung or from any reports yet.

High-speed Charging Port

A lot of sources have spoken about Samsung designing a charging port that aims to charge the phone’s battery to completion in less than 45 minutes. This was not believable until some of the most reliable sources suggested it to be true. Although less than an hour or 45 minutes might be an over-statement, high speculation.

RAM and Storage

All the three variants of Samsung will come with a 4GB RAM. This ensures that the phone is going to work flawlessly smooth for a long period of time. The use of UFC 2.0 feature will give the phone superfast data storage. The phone will be available in three internal memory storage options that are 32 GB, 64GB, and 128 GB. It has been frequently reported that the option for external SD storage by memory card will be re-added. This card slot shall enable you to enhance your phone’s memory by twice or even more as much as the internal storage.


Talk about speed and Samsung will not ever disappoint you. The Samsung Galaxy S7 will come with the powerful Snapdragon 820 or even an upgraded Exynos 8890 processor. Both of these processors are powerful 64-bit Octa processors which promise superfast processing and smooth usage experience for a long time. With 4GB RAM and this processor, Samsung Galaxy S7 is guaranteed to be the best contender for the fastest working smartphone of the year 2017.

Camera Features

Everyone is talking a lot about no major upgrading in the megapixels, a lot of people expecting a lot in the camera features might start to get disappointed. It is reported that Samsung will use their most recent technology for cameras called “BRITECELL”. This is a high-quality in-house camera technology by Samsung which can shoot 4K videos and has a top notch camera results. The phone is expected to have a 12.2 MP primary camera with BRITCELL sensors and a high- quality 5.1 MP front-facing camera. Thus, as mentioned above, the 12.2 MP primary camera might first sound disappointing to those waiting for the camera upgrade, but they shall see a clear difference due to the BRITCELL Camera technology soon. So it is guaranteed that with the top notch camera Galaxy S7 offers, the image quality should be sharper and more detailed especially at low light.


With the new sensor features war going on in the upcoming smartphones, it is essential to get an idea about the sensors the new Galaxy will have. As reported on GSM arena, Samsung Galaxy S7 shall possess Iris scanner, fingerprint, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, heart rate, and SpO2.

Android M

Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to be the first Samsung phone to come with Marshmellow on its own. This is going to add more to the smooth working experience of the phone, as well as some additional Android features like Google Now.

E-SIM cards

Embedded SIM cards can be a whole new feature to the Samsung Galaxy S7. With this upgrade, you will not have to change your SIM’s for using multiple networks.

Wide Edge Panels

There is every possibility of Samsung introducing wide edge panels to the all new Galaxy S7, which will also come to the Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus with their upgrade to Marshmellow.

The Bottom Line

It is less than two weeks left when Samsung will be officially launching their new addition to the Galaxy series. Apart from the design, we are expecting some major upgrading in Samsung’s best phone for the year 2017. With the retina sensor, Exynos 8890 processor, BRITECELL camera technique, and UFC 2.0 storage feature, the all new Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to be a big challenge for its competitors.