LG Optimus L4 II E440

LG Optimus L4 II E440

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IMEIs starting with 99..., 352265..., 352565... are not supported.  This means your phone is CDMA and only GSM phones can be unlocked.  No refunds for CDMA models; Verizon and Sprint phones are CDMA and will not be refunded. Please contact us at support@unlockriver.com if you have any questions.

Please make sure your phone is asking for an unlock code.  If it's not, please contact us at support@unlockriver.com before placing your order.  No refunds for phones that do not ask for the unlock code.

Please note we are not accountable if the provider you wish to use is not GSM.  To be sure, please contact the provider and make sure that it is compatible with your cell phone. CDMA providers, such as Sprint and Verizon will not work with your unlocked phone.




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